Freight or Fright: Trucking, The Great Bellwether

When the bell rings to open the stock market, one of the most important opening notes every quarter is the chiming in from investors with trucking company J.B. Hunt. The trucking industry itself is a respected indicator of the broader economy. And most financial experts follow the trends in this sector religiously. JB Hunt’s earnings […]

Top 10 Driver Concerns: Likely Hot Topics Among Truckers 2023

Worried?  As 2022 winds down, Blue Eagle is taking a look at this year’s top driver concerns according to ATRI and making some predictions for next year’s list. The top 10 Driver concerns of 2022 according to ATRI are as follows: Driver shortage Driver compensation Truck parking   Compliance, safety and accountability Insurance availability and cost […]

American Made: Trucking Benefits as Factories Come Home From China

Books could (and will) be filled about the fallout from Draconian measures that choked the US supply chain and upended consumer confidence. But perhaps no one was more rattled by the supply chain crisis than those that are in charge of keeping its logistics running smoothly. Specifically, the Chinese government’s fierce approach to lockdowns along […]

Bean Counter: Shift in Soybean Exports Bodes Well for US Trade

South East Asia’s emerging E-commerce market has extraordinary ramifications for the US exports logistics industry and geo-political currency. Specifically, this expansion will positively impact the Pennsylvania’s agrarian market positively, which ranks in the top ten states for exports overall and will likely see a marked increase as this market expands.   “In 2018, Pennsylvania exported […]

Avocado Roast: Ethical Sourcing in Transportation

“My grave is already dug.” It’s an expression among Mexican youth, according to Foreign Correspondent. And it embodies a macabre acceptance bordering on indifference to the violence of the Mexican Cartel.  In the transportation industry, it is very fashionable to cover issues of sustainability, clean energy sourcing, EV trucks, etc. Seldom does the US media […]

Focus: National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

“8 seconds of distraction changed the lives of two families. Robert Bursik would be alive today if a truck driver wasn’t looking at his phone while behind the wheel.” April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month This month’s hallmark is especially important to recognize this year since distracted driving related accidents have risen in the […]

Entering the Time-Light Zone: Shipping Speeds Are a Fulfilling Experience

Forget Around the World in 80 Days; Blue Eagle Logistics fulfills global shipments that leap frog oceans and customer expectations. Things they are a-changin’: For the first time, Nuclear Fusion may be just a few short years a way. The technology is expected by 2025, and means the average person would need the equivalent of […]

Trucking Trends: Trident and True Values

All for one, and one for all! The three core values that drive trucking forward into a more ethical tomorrow: Humanitarian response, sustainable development, and serving the community In art theory there is a rule of three’s.  Visually, it’s supposed to compose balance and perfection– even the lens of the average camera is broken into […]

Blue Eagle: Drivers Get Broad Benefits & Warm Workplace

The average driver wants a company big enough to offer stability and impressive benefits like retirement, paid schooling, and great healthcare. But they also want a job with a warm company culture that prioritizes giving to those in need. Drivers that work for Blue Eagle can have it all.  Plus, drivers that work here are […]

The Right Tool for the Job

  “Ever-increasing electronic apps are designed to enable us to accomplish more tasks in less time, thus supposedly making our lives easier – when in reality, the devices are also disrupting, at supersonic speeds, everything in our lives.” ~Rob Hackbarth   From technologies that match customers with carriers to apps that track shipments and communicate […]