Freight or Fright: Trucking, The Great Bellwether

When the bell rings to open the stock market, one of the most important opening notes every quarter is the chiming in from investors with trucking company J.B. Hunt. The trucking industry itself is a respected indicator of the broader economy. And most financial experts follow the trends in this sector religiously. JB Hunt’s earnings […]

Avocado Roast: Ethical Sourcing in Transportation

“My grave is already dug.” It’s an expression among Mexican youth, according to Foreign Correspondent. And it embodies a macabre acceptance bordering on indifference to the violence of the Mexican Cartel.  In the transportation industry, it is very fashionable to cover issues of sustainability, clean energy sourcing, EV trucks, etc. Seldom does the US media […]

Blue Eagle: Our Drivers Are Home For the Holidays… And Every Other Night

While the trucking industry in general is making national headlines for the driver shortage, Blue Eagle is one of the celebrated carriers that are truly taking care of their drivers!  Every major news outlet in America has its Newsies crying the same headline. From the Wall Street Journal asking, “Where Are All the Truck Drivers? […]

Up, Up and Away: Blue Eagle Soars this Christmas to Meet Rising Consumer Expectations

We haven’t harnessed the power of eight tiny reindeer, but we have worked hard to harness the power of adaptive technology and leveraged our regionally strategic positioning to promote sustainability. If Santa’s making a list and he’s checking it twice, are Last Mile Logistics teams naughty or nice? It turns out that the answer to […]

Blue Eagle: Drivers Get Broad Benefits & Warm Workplace

The average driver wants a company big enough to offer stability and impressive benefits like retirement, paid schooling, and great healthcare. But they also want a job with a warm company culture that prioritizes giving to those in need. Drivers that work for Blue Eagle can have it all.  Plus, drivers that work here are […]

“Do what you love, and the money will follow.” Michael Beckmann   Twenty years ago, my mentor and good friend, Michael Beckmann told me to do what I love. That if I did, the money would follow. I took this good counsel to heart, and it’s been a great help to me as I’ve navigated […]