Drivers Bring Forth the Fourth

We hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July this year! Blue Eagle sends our sincerest and most emphatic “THANK YOU” to each and every driver who worked on or towards this beloved American holiday. Especially since our company is based in Pennsylvania, home to some of our country’s oldest chunks of history.

Summer is Here: Shipping Needs are Clear

Sun in the sky… you know how I feel. Today marks the first official day of summer 2024. This is the earliest summer solstice in 228 years! The last time summer arrived on the 20th of June, it was 1796. George Washington was president, the Union was composed of only 16 states, and the summer sun was high in the sky.

Pennsylvania Remembers

Memorial Day means many things to different people. Some relish the day as an opportunity to rest and spend time with loved ones. Others mourn and honor the lives of loved ones they have lost, and often, fallen soldiers they have never met. Most appropriately participate in a combination of both.

Lighting Up Pennsylvania

Flash warning! Due to increased solar activity, Pennsylvania may be catching a rare glimpse of the northern lights this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled and your expectations at bay this Friday (5/17/24) through Saturday (5/18/24). Viewing may be skewed by rain, but it’s worth a peek at the sky just in case.

Spring Safety

There is a plethora of safety precautions to be taken year round. However, some preventative measures are seasonal. Winter brings frozen frenzies, while sizzling summers prompt a whole new set of safeguards. If the blossoming blooms and scattered storms haven’t already given it away, it’s time for a spring safety refresher.

Truckers Hop Into Action For Easter

Easter came early this year and we are not complaining! What is not to love about spring pastels, Reese’s eggs, and Holy Week, which is full of reasons to celebrate and be grateful! Speaking of gratitude, we have many reasons to thank the men and women of the trucking industry for making so many Easter traditions a success!

Skyrockets in Freight: Final Mile Needs Trending to the Moon

skyrockets in freight

Since 2020, the need for final mile delivery has sky-rocketed. Consumer lifestyles quickly shifted to lean heavily on e-commerce as people came to enjoy the convenience of doorstep drop-offs. When your household needs are in your hands with the click of a button and a two-day wait, who can blame them? The need for delivery […]

February’s Final Mile: Closing Myths’ Mouths to Close out the Month

Here we are again! Those extra few hours a year we’ve traveled around the sun have caught up to us yet again. March can hold its horses for just a blip because February, this is your day to shine! Maybe you’ve heard a few myths about leap years, such as those with a February 29th […]

Stop, Drop, and on a Roll: What’s Stopping, Slowing, and Going?

Fancy seeing you here at the intersection of Service and Technology. We have a bit of a different take on your average traffic report. Today, we are taking our theme from a color scheme – Our nectar from a traffic director. You love it; you hate it, but we all need it. It’s the stoplight! In the spirit of stop, slow, and go, let’s find out what’s ceasing, decreasing, and increasing as spring approaches.