Have a Thankful and Merry Holiday Season!

Thankfulness is the quickest path to joy. ~Jefferson Bethke~   2020 has certainly been an interesting year by anyone’s standards, and we really don’t know when the upheaval will settle down. But there’s good news on the horizon. The first doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been administered to front line workers, and there are […]

COVID-19 Update: New Mitigations in Pennsylvania

desk picture with caption: COVID-19 Update

Pennsylvania announces new COVID measures.   Pennsylvania reported a record 5900 new COVID-19 cases the same day Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine announced new mitigation measures to stop the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Governor Tom Wolf explained, “It is our collective responsibility to protect our communities and our most vulnerable Pennsylvanians from COVID-19 and […]

Why Supply Chain Costs Continue to Rise

    If you are in the business of shipping goods, you’ve noticed that associated costs continue to escalate. This is affecting players across the supply chain industry, from freight forwarders and last mile providers to OTR truckload carriers, LTL carriers, and freight brokers. Logistics and warehouse managers, as well as, the manufacturing and distributing […]

Blue Eagle’s Continuing Response to COVID-19

Care Worker with Fall Peak COVID-19 Preparations

Safety and Supply Chain Priority During COVID-19   Here at Blue Eagle Logistics, we reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic quickly and with a series of initiatives to keep customer supply chains moving. Our priorities include keeping safe and healthy both our team members and the customers we see on a daily basis.   COVID-19 Escalation […]

E-Commerce and Supply Chain Disruption in the Last Mile

Picture of Warehouse

COVID-19 and E-Commerce Who can forget the great toilet paper debacle in early March when consumers rushed to stores for toilet paper and other essential items? Social media, newspapers, and TV news outlets showed picture after video of empty shelves in grocery and big box stores across the country. At the same time, e-commerce for […]

Freight Agents: Making Things Happen–First or Final Mile

  Supply chain disruption is nothing new. In fact, the logistics industry is uniquely ripe for disruption. Even so, the COVID-19 crisis is creating the need to move freight in new modes, in new geographies, and into unfamiliar territories. At the same time, previous sources of support may be shut down, short-staffed, or undermanned, and […]

A Word about Lithium Battery Shipments

A guest post by the Airforwarders Association. Original post can be found here. Lithium-ion batteries are increasingly common. Production has grown to more than 7 billion cells in 2017 from about 3 billion cells in 2007. These batteries power devices used by nearly everyone in their daily lives, such as smartphones and wearable tech. Because […]