Blue Eagle’s Team Strategically Climbing Peak Shipping Season

Sauerkraut might just save your life. That is if you’re ever on an extended voyage with little access to fresh food. Early explorers didn’t understand what a Vitamin C deficiency was, but the brilliant British Sea Captain and Adventurer James Cook knew that his men’s teeth were falling out.  He kept his sailors on a […]

Final Ride: Pony Express Interrupted

This October Blue Eagle is celebrating the 160th anniversary of the final ride of the Pony Express and the torch they passed to truckers in a relay to keep American families supplied. If the government had its way, you would be getting your mail via camel.  That’s right. As the West expanded and commerce moved […]

Ahead of the Game: Blue Eagle’s Winning Safety Measures

“For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.” – Eleanor Everet Blue Eagle’s early embrace of transportation related tech and safety measures means that it is ready for serious highway capacity infrastructure investment to match spending on smarter highways.  Safety expert, Eleanor Everet emphasized that more than any passing tech gadget, crafting […]