Truckers Hop Into Action For Easter

Easter came early this year and we are not complaining! What is not to love about spring pastels, Reese’s eggs, and Holy Week, which is full of reasons to celebrate and be grateful! Speaking of gratitude, we have many reasons to thank the men and women of the trucking industry for making so many Easter traditions a success!

The Real Storage Wars

Blue Eagle is continuing its coverage of the contributing factors of the pressing supply chain issues. This week, we’ll take a fun, if quixotic look at the warehouse element that impacts the flow of goods. Six thousand years ago… that’s when the first enterprising Chinese man named Xiang Lau started the self-storage story. Legend has […]

Blue Eagle’s Software Lets You Track Your Shipments In Real Time

Did you know you can easily track your Blue Eagle Logistics orders in real time? We understand how crucial it is to communicate with our customers about the status of their shipments. We have invested in software that not only has real time tracking, it’s available at any time of the day. We know how […]

The Next 90 Days at Blue Eagle Logistics

  Disruption and logistics. It’s no secret that 2020 was a lemon. From freight flows to staffing issues, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing upheaval has disrupted the transportation and logistics sector in ways most of us have never experienced before. Here at Blue Eagle Logistics, surges in freight volumes along with […]

Challenging and Well-Compensated Jobs in Logistics

The Logistics Industry   If the continuing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted anything, it’s the importance of the logistics industry. 2020 was a year that put the spotlight on truck drivers, those committed men and women dedicated to delivering the goods necessary to our lives. We experienced firsthand how important transportation and distribution is to our […]

Supply Chain Disruption Continues

Logistics and empty shelves.   The strangest thing happened to me last weekend. We were all out of rubbing alcohol at home, so I ran to the drug store to grab some. But there was no rubbing alcohol to be found. I didn’t think much of it. Just went across town to another drug store […]

E-Commerce and Supply Chain Disruption in the Last Mile

Picture of Warehouse

COVID-19 and E-Commerce Who can forget the great toilet paper debacle in early March when consumers rushed to stores for toilet paper and other essential items? Social media, newspapers, and TV news outlets showed picture after video of empty shelves in grocery and big box stores across the country. At the same time, e-commerce for […]

Critical Parts Warehousing and Forward Stocking Locations: What You Should Know

What is a critical parts warehouse or a forward stocking location?   Critical parts warehouses and forward stocking locations are 3rd party warehouses which offer a local presence for shippers to stage inventory for local or regional delivery. Industries demanding critical parts or forward stocking locations include utilities and power generation, construction sites, information technology, […]

A Quick Guide to Cross-Docking

What is cross-docking?   The name, cross-docking, originates in the actual process of receiving products through an inbound dock and transferring these products across the dock to an outbound transportation dock. A logistics practice in which inbound products from suppliers or manufacturers arrive on trucks/ trailers/ rail cars, and are unloaded and directly reloaded into […]

Firefighters and Forest Rangers

  I believe that everyone chooses how to approach life. If you’re proactive, you focus on preparing. If you’re reactive, you end up focusing on repairing.― John C. Maxwell     Firefighters   When your house is burning down, you want the best firefighting team around, right? You want those trained men and women who […]