Blue Eagle Is Driven By Helping the People Who Work Here

See what people are saying about working for Blue Eagle Logistics! According to reviews on Indeed– What people like: Feeling of personal appreciation Inclusive work environment Sense of belonging We were also independently reviewed by staff members on Indeed, and they had some really terrific things to say about our company culture! Check out some […]

Let’s Talk Traffic: Reading the Signs of Better Shipping Logistics

City planning mistakes can be downright comical, but whatever the logistical issues: Blue Eagle Logistics has the experience, equipment, and resources to get the job done on time every time. Would you jump on the back of a motorcycle with a stranger?  If you lived in Jakarta, you might not have any choice. The city […]

Final Mile Technology

picture of a road and trees with Final Mile Technology

The Amazon Effect and Final Mile Delivery   According to Forbes’ Insights, the rise of the “Amazon” effect is changing distribution patterns. “In particular, customer demands for ever more rapid fulfillment are forcing businesses of all kinds to warehouse their goods ever closer to intermediate and end-customers.” This continues to disrupt final mile delivery and […]

What Is Last Mile Delivery?

What is last mile delivery?   Last mile services are getting lots of press in transportation circles these days, but what exactly is last mile delivery?   Simply put, a last mile provider handles freight over the first or final link in cargo’s journey from origin to destination. Last mile delivery connects the shipper to […]

Online Shipment Tracking In Real-Time

Real-time Online Tracking Every Day

Are you tired of tracking down your shipment, making call after call trying to pinpoint a driver’s location or an estimated time of delivery? Are your customers frustrated with delayed deliveries or wishy washy answers? We get it, not only are these scenarios aggravating, they can ruin your reputation.   Tracking, Visibility, and Transparency Supply […]