Real-time Online Tracking Every Day

Online Shipment Tracking In Real-Time

Are you tired of tracking down your shipment, making call after call trying to pinpoint a driver’s location or an estimated time of delivery? Are your customers frustrated with delayed deliveries or wishy washy answers? We get it, not only are these scenarios aggravating, they can ruin your reputation.  

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Women in semi-cab with caption, Women in Trucking

Women Are a Good Answer to the Driver Shortage

  In 2018, the number one concern of fleets surveyed by the American Trucking Research Institute (ATRI) in their yearly Top Industry Issues Report was the continuing driver shortage. The need to recruit and train new drivers is nothing new. In fact, in 12 out of the 14 years ATRI

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Blue Eagle Logistics Vans with text, Cross Docking

Cross Docking Solutions for Small Quantities

2018 was a great year for the logistics industry. A variety of factors combined to create a capacity crunch beneficial to carriers. The hard enforcement of the ELD mandate, while not as disruptive as originally predicted, may have contributed to an ever-burgeoning driver shortage. And the driver shortage itself, predicted

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Picture of NEMF truck from NEMF Facebook Page

Lessons from the NEMF Bankruptcy

NEMF Bankruptcy New England Motor Freight (NEMF), based in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and headed by Myron Shevell, has been in the trucking business since 1918. One of the top less-than-truckload carriers in the nation (#67 on the CCJ Top 250 List), NEMF was purchased by Mr. Shevell in 1977. On

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