Picture of virus with text: How Blue Eagle Can Help: COVID-19 Support

How Blue Eagle Can Help–COVID-19 Support

Here at Blue Eagle Logistics, we know the COVID-19 Pandemic is creating upheaval, distress, and worry. You’re worried about your families, your employees, your products, and your businesses. It’s a lot to take in. With so much changing, one thing has not and will not change–Blue Eagle Logistics continues to

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The Difference Between Being Sad and Depressed

Guest Post by Mike Schlossberg As someone who has a lifelong period of depression, I think the above question is one that I ponder on a somewhat regular basis – certainly more often than I wish I did. It’s sad, but it’s necessary, and it’s something I have to consider.

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City Skyline Shot with Text: "Takeaways from the CLDA Final Mile Forum and Expo"

Takeaways from the CLDA Final Mile Forum and Expo

The Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA) is “a non-profit trade association that advances the interests of the customized logistics and delivery industry.” Since 1987, the CLDA has been a thought leader, advocating for members and providing resources and education for first and last mile carriers. They’re a great organization,

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Starting a Movement for Global Mobility

The economic market size for global mobility continues to grow exponentially. But what is global mobility? Simply put, it’s More Traffic. The global mobility sector includes the ever-widening logistics, transportation, and warehousing industry built to support ecommerce and to deliver anything from dinner to books to washing machines to your

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A Word about Lithium Battery Shipments

A guest post by the Airforwarders Association. Original post can be found here. Lithium-ion batteries are increasingly common. Production has grown to more than 7 billion cells in 2017 from about 3 billion cells in 2007. These batteries power devices used by nearly everyone in their daily lives, such as

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