Why Supply Chain Costs Continue to Rise

    If you are in the business of shipping goods, you’ve noticed that associated costs continue to escalate. This is affecting players across the supply chain industry, from freight forwarders and last mile providers to OTR truckload carriers, LTL carriers, and freight brokers. Logistics and warehouse managers, as well

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Supply Chain Disruption Continues

Logistics and empty shelves.   The strangest thing happened to me last weekend. We were all out of rubbing alcohol at home, so I ran to the drug store to grab some. But there was no rubbing alcohol to be found. I didn’t think much of it. Just went across

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History Repeats Itself: Supply Chain at Valley Forge

Supply Chain Have you read Washington’s Secret War by Thomas Fleming? It’s a great historical account of Washington and his troops during their 1777 winter at Valley Forge. As I read about Washington’s ferocity and his political maneuvering in the face of numerous obstacles, I found many parallels in the

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Care Worker with Fall Peak COVID-19 Preparations

Blue Eagle’s Continuing Response to COVID-19

Safety and Supply Chain Priority During COVID-19   Here at Blue Eagle Logistics, we reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic quickly and with a series of initiatives to keep customer supply chains moving. Our priorities include keeping safe and healthy both our team members and the customers we see on a

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Picture of Warehouse

E-Commerce and Supply Chain Disruption in the Last Mile

COVID-19 and E-Commerce Who can forget the great toilet paper debacle in early March when consumers rushed to stores for toilet paper and other essential items? Social media, newspapers, and TV news outlets showed picture after video of empty shelves in grocery and big box stores across the country. At

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Final Mile Solutions: Reworking and Cross Docking

Do You Need Cross Docking Services?   How many times have you had a shipment refused due to poor packaging or improper load securement? It’s not uncommon in final mile delivery, is it? But it’s a real hassle, and when you need a load reworked, Blue Eagle Logistics can help.

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