Banana Split: Nuts About Supply Chains

Simply put, if supply chains stopped tomorrow what would it take to build your own banana split? It’s so easy to take Supply Chain Logistics for granted: We flick casually through aisles of flan, fajitas, fried chicken, fondue, flounder, and frosting. It’s not just food: 97 percent of American clothing is made abroad– China, India, […]

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Blue Eagle Reflects on the American Economy’s SWAN Stocks as Markets Begin Mirroring Pre-COVID Numbers Economists have reason to believe that the economy may be beginning to turn the corner: Simply put, import numbers are up and diesel prices are down. Sleep Well at Night (SWAN) stocks like import investments and the energy sector are […]

Freight or Fright: Trucking, The Great Bellwether

When the bell rings to open the stock market, one of the most important opening notes every quarter is the chiming in from investors with trucking company J.B. Hunt. The trucking industry itself is a respected indicator of the broader economy. And most financial experts follow the trends in this sector religiously. JB Hunt’s earnings […]

Are We About to Enter the Golden Age of Trucking for Drivers?

This year Kenworth turns 100 years old.  That’s quite a milestone– not just for a company that cut its teeth putting trucks on the frontlines of American military theaters, but for the entire trucking industry. It marks a century of moving the nation’s goods and bringing home the expression, “if you got it, then a […]

New Technology Provides Welcome Rise in Hispanic Drivers

According to the American Trucking Associations, Hispanics currently make up around 6% of the trucking industry’s workforce. This number is expected to continue to grow as the demand for trucking services increases, and the industry continues to face a shortage of drivers. From Darth Vader to Cookie Monster, drivers can listen to directions in a […]

Potholes Got You Down?

“Transportation needs to work for everyone, no matter who they are, no matter where they live and no matter how they travel,” said Acting PennDOT Secretary Mike Carroll. “Pennsylvanians’ feedback is critical as we plan and prioritize important improvements to our transportation network.” PennDOT is giving the state’s citizens a chance to be heard. If […]

Blue Eagle Names Top Women In Trucking

Blue Eagle celebrates the work of some outstanding women in the trucking industry. This month we’re nodding to female leaders that stand out to us for their character, selfless energy on behalf of others, and their work to make a difference in the trucking industry. Although there are many more individuals we could highlight, we […]

Blue Eagle Cares: Driver Mental Health Hacks

Today at Blue Eagle we want to examine ways to encourage Driver Mental Health:  Stop for Coffee Start your day with a cup of co­ffee. That cup of coffee from Pilot or Flying J is more than just a treat; research suggests it is a mood lifter:  “Coff­ee consumption is linked to lower rates of […]

It’s A Wonderful Life: Blue Eagle’s Christmas Greeting to Our Drivers

The entire Blue Eagle Logistics Team performed in an amazing fashion this year, thanks to strong support from our many customers. It took teamwork and great communication to achieve the customer service standards we set for ourselves internally. And for this year’s Christmas greeting to our wonderful employees, Blue Eagle wants to acknowledge the absolutely […]