We hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July this year! Blue Eagle sends our sincerest and most emphatic “THANK YOU” to each and every driver who worked on or towards this beloved American holiday. Especially since our company is based in Pennsylvania, home to some of our country’s oldest chunks of history.

From the Liberty Bell to Gettysburg National Military Park to Independence National Historical Park, our great state rings of patriotism and appreciation for the progress our country has made to achieve the freedoms, traditions, and celebrations that each state is able to enjoy today.

Speaking of this day in age, Independence Day sure has evolved since 1776… and here’s why we implore you to thank a trucker!

Without truck drivers, your pre-fourth trip to the grocery store would not be near as successful. Your trip to the hot dog aisle would be wasted. You might have to settle for some less-than-popular condiments. If you’re looking for buns, you better hope a family member knows how to make bread from scratch. Furthermore, you might be left wishing that they happened to have the ingredients to make it in the first place.

Your charcuterie board might be left cheeseless, your beverage selection flavorless, and don’t even think about dessert. Without truckers, your shelves and those at the grocery store would be empty. However, there is more to Independence Day.

Let’s take a step out of the grocery store into the parking lot to check out the big red tent. Our snack tray was lacking, but we still have the fireworks show! Or do we? That’s right. Without truckers, the snap, crackle, and pop might be as absent as the rice crispy treats you tried to find.

Everything from pool noodles and floaties to the famous Old Navy t-shirts will, at some point, hitchhike on a truck to its destination. We depend on drivers for sunscreen, kids’ road trip toys for the long road to Grandma’s, parts for dad’s mower or grill, cornhole and other yard games, care packages for our troops, and so much more.

Drivers, thank you so much for all you do year-round. Our day to day would not look the same without you, and our holidays are SO much more special because of you.

We hope you had the best Independence Day! God bless America!