Sun in the sky… you know how I feel. Today marks the first official day of summer 2024. This is the earliest summer solstice in 228 years! The last time summer arrived on the 20th of June, it was 1796. George Washington was president, the Union was composed of only 16 states, and the summer sun was high in the sky.

For many trucking companies, the slow season is well over with. June often marks the end of business as usual, ramping up to peak season in the coming months. Demand increases, and many are struggling to keep up. While business is booming for the distributor, consumers’ expectations can be stifled.

That 2-day shipping you’re paying for might have to take a disappointing pause. However, businesses do have the option to partner with reliable, efficient, and prepared shippers that specialize in their lane, which makes Blue Eagle Logistics such an incredible option when your consumers need their shipments promptly.

Selecting a reliable shipper is paramount to ensuring a smooth and successful season of shipping. Reliability can be measured by several factors including:

• Does your chosen logistics company have the capacity to handle your freight
• Is this company willing to stay in communication with you
• Do they prioritize safety of their drivers and freight with up-to-date equipment and foundational safety practices
• Is your shipping company adaptable
• Are they honest with both you and your clientele about expectations
• Do they have a proven track record you can trust
• Are they aware of industry trends that may affect shipping times

There is much to think about when trusting someone with your freight needs this season, but companies like Blue Eagle are prepared to streamline the experience – allowing for exhales from B2B, B2C, and beyond. Have an amazing summer, all!