There is a plethora of safety precautions to be taken year round. However, some preventative measures are seasonal. Winter brings frozen frenzies, while sizzling summers prompt a whole new set of safeguards. If the blossoming blooms and scattered storms haven’t already given it away, it’s time for a spring safety refresher.

Inclimate Weather

Perhaps the most obvious change that comes with each season is the weather. Obviously, concerns depend on your geographical location. For many environments, spring is a stormy stint. For these reasons, we recommend checking your weather app. 

More risky conditions such as flash floods, tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms, and hail should definitely be on your radar. However, this does not discount less concerning weather predictions such as rain. Don’t be afraid to pull over if visibility declines due to rain, or if winds are too harsh.

Road Conditions

Thanks to these climatic rollercoasters of both spring and the preceding winter, our roadways have changed significantly. Winter has left many cities struggling to keep up filling potholes caused by ice and winter service vehicle traffic. That, paired with current conditions of slushy and slick roads require drivers to drive extra safely. This means reducing follow distances and speeds as necessary. Stay alert for washed out and compromised roads, roads covered by water, and where hydroplaning may be a higher risk. Remember, these risks are relevant before, during, and after obvious weather changes.


Keep an eye out for enhanced pedestrian traffic. The sun is shining later and later in the day, so families will likely take the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Students may be out and about for spring break. Bikers and motorcyclists are taking the road again. The elderly are enjoying the sunshine. Playgrounds are populated. From crosswalks to sidewalks, and even jaywalks, we as drivers need to do our part in keeping everyone safe. 


Lastly, not every pedestrian is human. Roadkill has a significant uptick this time of year for a majority of regions. Many species are having their young. Some are awakening from a long winter’s nap. Some animals are already roadkill and are lying in the middle of the highway. Not everything is avoidable, but it’s always best to be on the lookout to avoid being taken by surprise.

We wish you a safe spring from your friends at Blue Eagle Logistics!