Blue Eagle has always prioritized our service to local communities, which is why we are so happy to share other initiatives doing the same! For Pennsylvania residents, there are so many ways to get involved to help your community.

Looking to get involved soon? The Pennsylvania Departments of Environmental Protection and Transportation has already begun their 2024 push to “Pick Up Pennsylvania.” This spring (now through May 31, 2024) will be full of state-wide improvement events. You can continue to participate all year long. However, the spring events (registered at include distribution of free trash bags, gloves, and safety vests.

In 2023, over 70,000 of Pennsylvania’s most helpful residents joined Pick Up Pennsylvania’s concerted efforts to pick up litter, clear illegal dumps, landscape their neighborhoods, and educate the community about how to keep the state in tip-top shape.

Nearly three million pounds of trash were cleared. Improvements were made from roads to rivers. In the spirit of Arbor Day, thousands of trees and other vegetation were planted to beautify miles of Pennsylvania land.

If you are unable to make it to any of these events, please do your part wherever you live by picking up your trash, disposing of waste responsibly, and refraining from destructive behavior around community property. Millions of dollars and many, many hours are put into making the Keystone state a wonderful place to call home.

Additionally, you can join the Adopt-a-Highway program. These volunteers take on two mile stretches of highway a couple times annually. This makes a huge difference, as the many commuters of the fifth most populous state see roadside debris daily. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers are making an impact every year through AAH.

We would like to thank DEP, PennDOT and Keep America Beautiful for their involvement, and for their donation of cleaning materials and PPE. Blue Eagle Logistics is Pennsylvania proud, and we are grateful to all who contribute to the Commonwealth.