Easter came early this year and we are not complaining! What is not to love about spring pastels, Reese’s eggs, and Holy Week, which is full of reasons to celebrate and be grateful! Speaking of gratitude, we have many reasons to thank the men and women of the trucking industry for making so many Easter traditions a success!

If the classic chocolate bunny rabbit made his way into your Easter basket this year, you’re not alone. 90 million bunny lovers have truckers to thank for hauling their fan favorite. If Cadbury eggs are more your style, you can consume your share of 500 million produced and shipped this year.

Whether or not you love the sugar-coated marshmallow goodness of Peeps, there is no denying their popularity. 700 million Peeps were sold in the last year.

Tiny but mighty, we have jelly beans. 16 billion (yes, billion with a b) are sold every single year, and Easter Sunday is their limelight.

For the little ones searching high and low for those coveted, colorful eggs, a plastic hen may have laid it, but a trucker hauled it. One Florida county boasts the need for a whopping 500,000 eggs annually. As for the traditional pastel dyers and DIYers in the United States, 180 million real eggs are in need of shipment, along with their dye kits.

For the fans of snail mail, you and approximately 42 million others probably received your Easter greeting with a card this year. That’s a lot of paper products, and somebody has to ship it. Even more paper was shipped by way of billions of Bible pages and Christian Easter supplies.

From holidays to everyday necessities, we have truck drivers to thank for delivering our needs. We here at Blue Eagle Logistics hope you had a wonderful Easter, and thank all the wonderful individuals who have hit the road to make our traditions a reality.