Here we are again! Those extra few hours a year we’ve traveled around the sun have caught up to us yet again. March can hold its horses for just a blip because February, this is your day to shine!

Maybe you’ve heard a few myths about leap years, such as those with a February 29th birthday are only a fourth of their noted age. Or you could subscribe to the Irish tradition that a man who receives a marriage proposal from his girlfriend on leap day must accept it. (Good luck with that!)

There are many tall tales that take quite a leap of the imagination to believe, and the final mile industry is no different. Let’s take a moment to dispel some myths about the industry that travels leaps and bounds to deliver your freight.

Leap #1: All final mile companies are the same

Not all final mile companies can truthfully claim that they are route delivery experts. Customers have options these days, and many understandably prefer a premier provider that has years of experience with top global freight forwarders. Blue Eagle fits the bill, and then some. Our TSA certified and HAZMAT qualified specialists are ready to help with a very wide range of delivery services.

Likewise, not all shipments are the same. Whether it’s a hospital delivery with life-saving medical supplies, or white glove service for an appliance or couch (which we will discuss next), Blue Eagle is more than happy to serve a need. If something needs to be shipped, we’re here for it!

Leap #2: You can’t expect delivery services to personally care about your freight

These drivers care about their jobs and those they serve. Maybe your large furniture needs TLC on the way to its new home. Maybe your heavy products are at risk of being damaged in transit. Maybe all you have seen from other companies are horror stories where shipments arrive tattered, shattered, and battered. Allow us to put your mind at ease and tell you that you don’t have to settle for that nightmare.

Instead of leaving customers to deal with the aftermath of shoddy delivery service, our team member(s) will arrive prepared, educated on your delivery specs, and ready to help. We ensure top of the line service so that when we leave your porch, you’re left with a confident smile, ready to work with us again in the future. Furthermore, Blue Eagle requires daily inspections to minimize service failures. Since we start with safety, your freight is delivered safely and handled with proficiency and consideration.

Leap #3: Customers have to be okay with not knowing their true shipment time

If you’re choosing right, the people taking care of your freight aren’t cutting corners just because this is the last leg of the race. On the contrary, since Final Mile is our expertise, we take EXTENSIVE care of your freight, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to monitor shipments and equip customers with real-time tracking. Not to mention the added security benefits!

Settling is not our standard. Believe it or not, with Blue Eagle, you can have your cake and eat it too… even if you must celebrate your birthday on the 28th most years.