March is nearing and soon, spring will have sprung. We will exchange one hour of sleep for thirty-four weeks of brighter, longer days, and the world will trend towards a consistent thaw.

Staying frozen, however, are many aspects of the transportation industry, as the freight recession steps up to the plate for another season. It’s a tough time out there for companies, drivers, and independent contractors alike.

Many have focused blame on the overabundance of trucks in comparison to the amount of freight. Just a few years ago, as drivers were in peak need, we saw new freight haulers pop up in full force. Since then, the state of the nation has drastically changed. 

These days, capacity significantly outweighs demand, leaving many trucking companies sidelined. That, paired with the overall economic downturn, has allowed for bankruptcies, layoffs, and downsizing to enter our everyday vocabularies. Inflation is up. Consumer spending is down. Company costs have sky-rocketed to ​​unviable levels.

Not only are there fewer clientele and businesses to haul for, but more and more businesses are cutting corners and tightening finances, attempting to contract out delivery as little as possible. This is obviously not ideal for the driver making a living off loads.

Blue Eagle has seen and survived many economic roller coasters. For the time-tested companies whose foundation runs deep and values remain strong, we salute you and stand with you. To our customers, we promise to continue to serve you with excellence. To our drivers and staff, we are so proud to have you on our team.

Each day presents a new challenge. Blue Eagle is more than capable of handling critical shipping requirements. Our experts seamlessly handle route delivery and emergency freight needs. Turning cargo over to Blue Eagle Logistics gives our customers peace of mind, knowing their transportation challenges are handled smoothly.

From freight freezes to booming economies, we remain solid in service and dedicated to each customer who trusts us with their shipping needs. 

Blue Eagle is flying high, and we’re taking our customers to the summit.