Blue Eagle celebrates the work of some outstanding women in the trucking industry. This month we’re nodding to female leaders that stand out to us for their character, selfless energy on behalf of others, and their work to make a difference in the trucking industry.

Although there are many more individuals we could highlight, we are proud to recognize the following three ladies for their exceptional work and talent in the trucking industry.


Shelby, Happiness By the Mile

One of our favorite voices in the trucking industry is Shelby: Her positive voice in the industry is always welcome, along with her insights into what trucking life is really like and tips on how to bring out the best in We give her extra points for her love of the American countryside and special effort she puts into creating attractive, but authentic images of Over The Road trucking.

Shelby’s entrepreneurial approach and fearlessness in the midst of her trucking adventures is inspirational. Blue Eagle nods to her continuing work to take an honest but optimistic approach to being a driver.


Marnie Holder, The National Veterans Museum in Chillicothe Ohio

Blue Eagle wants to acknowledge the spectacular work of Marnie Holder on behalf of veterans. Although she is relatively new to her position, she has been the source of a genesis of a staggering number of initiatives that aid veterans as they transition into the workplace. We are amazed at the level of energy and commitment that she exudes.

We’re very proud that someone like Marnie is working so hard on behalf of our veterans that served in uniform and now serve behind the wheel of a truck. From Wreaths Across America to supporting the efforts to gift a truck to rookie veteran truck driver, you can always find Marnie tirelessly promoting our industry’s veterans as they transition.


Yuma Haidara: Truck Driver. Combat Veteran. Athletic & Health Influencer.

Truck driver Yuma Haidara is the real deal– she served in combat with the Navy in Iraq. Yuma battles veteran suicide: She ran the NYC and Chicago Marathons, and she raised awareness for 22-A-Day, which advocates against the loss of 22 veterans a day to suicide. 

Yuma is a voice in the athletic sphere, where she’s sponsored by athletic companies to wear their running clothes. She hikes and summits mountains all over the world: her current goal is to get the 48–4,000 foot climbs in her home state. Yuma is a trucker brand ambassador for her poise, safe miles, and service in the Navy. Yuma is also a public speaker for events that encourage women to live active, healthy lifestyles. 

She also works as an entrepreneur: She owns Yummy Butter– a start-up business of organic skin care products. Finally, Yuma is an overcomer– she is a first generation American that raised herself following a difficult childhood.