See what people are saying about working for Blue Eagle Logistics!

According to reviews on Indeed– What people like:

Feeling of personal appreciation
Inclusive work environment
Sense of belonging

We were also independently reviewed by staff members on Indeed, and they had some really terrific things to say about our company culture! Check out some of the positive things that our drivers and employees had to say about us below:

“Every day is different. Work is steady with a variety of freight to be handled. Enjoy (getting) to work with customers to get them the freight they need. They keep you busy and you get to work with some great people.”

“Great company to work for!! The work environment is just AMAZING, very knowledgeable, collected and selfless. Positive work environment where people feel valued and appreciated.”

“In the 9 months I have been here I have looked forward to coming to work each day. My co-workers are hard working and respectful of each other. For the most part everyone is looking to help us grow bigger and better.”

Our team is incredibly proud of the culture we have created!

If you want to grow here you can! We provide paid leadership learning opportunities because we want our employees to be with us for the long haul. We also work to make a difference in their quality of life and confidence in retirement– we’ve established 401K contributions.

And to those who are thinking about applying at Blue Eagle we’ve included an interview tip from the management here. If you want to drive for us or join our staff, then our leadership team values transparency and authenticity. They said that as you go through the application process keep it simple, “Be yourself and be honest.”

As part of our leadership team being honest about themselves and the Blue Eagle work environment, they want future hires to know that sometimes timed deadlines can be challenging. But as a hard and fast rule– the staff has a warm and personal culture they can lean back on.

In fact, where many transportation companies boast that their drivers aren’t just a number, Blue Eagle actually cultivates that mentality. You can engage with and have a connection with anyone at the company that you want to– from the president on down.

You should know that, “If you’re looking for a satisfying career, on the road, or at the warehouse, contact Blue Eagle Logistics.”

Company specifics you should know:

Hometime: Drivers get home every night to their families.

Location: Our locations are in Allentown and Scranton, Pennsylvania, Blue Eagle Logistics offers first and final mile pickup and delivery services both in the Lehigh Valley and Northeastern Pennsylvania.

If you are interested in applying for a position with Blue Eagle Logistics please feel free to fill out our short online application form. We look forward to hearing from you!