Did you know you can easily track your Blue Eagle Logistics orders in real time?

We understand how crucial it is to communicate with our customers about the status of their shipments. We have invested in software that not only has real time tracking, it’s available at any time of the day.

We know how frustrating it is for our customers to face a delay of any kind– that includes access to meaningful tracking information on the order– getting up-to-date information is often an absolutely pressing need for our clients. Without any desire to supplant human contact, Blue Eagle has provided software that can help with just that need!

Use the following steps to track a shipment

Apart from real time tracking, you’ll also be able to see details surrounding your shipment. Most clients find that any questions they have about order fulfillment are answered here, but we don’t want to discourage you from reaching out to our customer service staff if we can help!

Although our staff prides itself on its exceptional service, and we welcome you to reach out to us about any questions– we don’t ever want there to be any lag in your ability to track your order fulfillment.

Essentially, our technology offerings are not intended to replace personal contact. We value the opportunity to provide our customers and their clients with a friendly, timely exchange, whatever they are reaching about.

However, Blue Eagle Logistics understands that part of being a reliable partner is providing shipping status and tracking details outside of traditional business hours. Our model is committed to ensuring that you have all the resources and the information you need at any given time.

Our transparency means that you can trust the experts: We provide our clients with: same-day and next-day expedited freight and warehousing services, including time critical shipments, last mile and custom appointment deliveries.

Even as Last Mile Logistics continues to ramp up speed, we know that clean, available data is more crucial than ever. Accordingly, our shipping tech makes tracking available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our software-tracking affords our customers the ability to gain insight whatever the time of day, whatever holidays surround your fulfillment needs.

In short, if we can be of service to you, then please let us know! We look forward to connecting with you, and hearing about how we can better meet your shipping needs. But in the meantime, feel free to leverage our software to your advantage. We want you to know that we value transparency with tracking your orders.

Because at Blue Eagle Logistics, “We connect people to what is important in your lives with friendly, reliable, last mile logistics.”