If forecasting for fluctuations in shipping news has you poking around our own Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil for Groundhog Day predictions, then look no further– we’ve rounded up some of the top industry trends that won’t have you going to ground.

Specifically, since yesterday was Groundhog Day, we’re looking forward to some of the top trends expected to keep shadowing Last Mile Logistics through 2022.  Axlehire and AJOT,  came out with their roundup of predictions for the upcoming year that is making freight logistics companies spring into action. 

Essentially, most of the trends are carryovers from the effects on shipping that are the result of the ongoing pandemic and continued upward trajectory of the E-commerce industry:

E-Commerce Growth Is in the Hole

Despite dizzying increases in online sales, E-Commerce is expected to continue to grow. Some analysts are projecting that this sector is going to enjoy double digit growth this year alone. Increasingly, retailers will lean on last mile logistics teams to fulfill escalating consumer demand. Blue Eagle anticipates that their teams will continue to employ agility and adaptability to meet peak seasons of shipping.

Forecasting Struggles Even the Groundhog Can’t Predict

There’s no mystery that the supply chain has been complicated and tempestuous, recently. There’s been a perfect storm of bottlenecks and labor shortages that have seen alternating fronts with wildly varied shipping results. But however the wind blows, Blue Eagle is enthusiastic about our nimble, scalable output. 

Last Mile is a “Go-pher” the Fast Lane

With the escalation of E-Commerce also comes the predictable need for more time-sensitive shipments. Some analysts are weighing clients’ “need for speed” as preeminent over even the bottom line on shipping costs itself. They have the data to back that up: “According to a McKinsey report, consumers, especially millennials, are prepared to pay a 30% premium for same-day delivery and even more for guaranteed delivery.”

Living the Same Day at Blue Eagle: Customer is Always Right 

So, for Blue Eagle customer service has always been king. Luckily for the consumer, other shipping logistics companies are getting the message: “A survey by Digital Commerce 360 found that 98% of consumers believe delivery is a crucial part of their brand loyalty. The survey also found that 93% of consumers want to stay informed throughout the delivery process, and 47% will not order again from a brand with poor delivery visibility.” Blue Eagle’s shipping visibility is one of our strongest offerings– we work hard to provide real-time communication to our customers. 

In conclusion, whatever Punxsutawney Phil’s feelings about six more weeks of winter, Blue Eagle is confident that we’re facing an early spring for shipping logistics– We are warm on our ability to deliver to clients in an agile, scalable fashion, and we’ve never left our emphasis on customer service.