We want to start the beginning of 2023 with a deep nod and pay homage to all of the heroes that serve in the trucking industry: Every driver, every member of the logistics family is essential to the work and success of the nation. But there are those that we are especially proud of for going above and beyond the call of duty to aid either those in trucking directly or to serve citizens in their time of crisis. 

They say that truck drivers are the Guardians of the Highway. They aid in responding to the most Amber Alerts, and they are often the ones that are first on the scene after an accident. Today, Blue Eagle highlights those who rise to the name of hero:

Gerald “Andy” Wright

Andy rescued motorists from a burning vehicle. He said that, “‘From the moment I saw the flames, all I could think about was what I could do to help those inside the car get to safety… at the end of the day I feel very fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time to help those in need.”’


Robert Palm

Robert Palm has spent his life serving the trucking industry. He feels called to help out the trucking family through a variety of platforms– from getting Christmas presents for the children of deceased truck drivers to helping drivers that have been debilitated on the job. One of the greatest services he renders is helping families to handle the process of getting a deceased driver home. There are dozens of stories that span the years of his selfless, and extraordinary work during trucking families’ darkest hour. Blue Eagle is proud of Robert’s tireless work on behalf of the driving community.


Tim Freiburger

Tim was on the job when he witnessed a tragic accident unfolding: A minivan with a family inside swerved off the road and landed in the creek. Tim’s instincts set him in motion to rescue them immediately– he pulled over and entered the water to aid the family, pulling three children from the van and getting them to safety. He then returned to the vehicle to rescue their mother. 


Unidentified Hero

A truck driver spotted a burning home– thinking quickly he pulled over and began blaring his horn. When no one exited the house he went and pounded on the door. His efforts roused a woman living in the home, but her husband could not get out; he had a handicap that trapped him inside of the burning building. Selflessly, this driver entered the house, braving the now raging flames to carry the disabled man out. The driver then left without giving his name. His identity remains a mystery.

Blue Eagle is proud of this last entry in trucker heroics, whomever that driver may be. But we also want to include them because we recognize that there are many, many unsung heroes of the road. The trucking and logistics sector is unusual in that we see it all, but we’re also unique in that we are also in a position to be there for our fellow drivers and Americans. We proudly salute drivers’ efforts to keep the roads safe and to render aid when most needed.