Forget Around the World in 80 Days; Blue Eagle Logistics fulfills global shipments that leap frog oceans and customer expectations.

Things they are a-changin’: For the first time, Nuclear Fusion may be just a few short years a way. The technology is expected by 2025, and means the average person would need the equivalent of a couple grams of raw material to power their entire year’s energy supply. For scale, if that was in your pocket it would be lost in the lining with the lint. 

This power-forward invention may have staggering benefits for shipping logistics fulfillment speeds– making speed rather than energy consumption an isolated target.

The invention of the steam powered train is the last time the world witnessed such a dramatic revolution in power. It’s invention made the world feel small and conquerable, and gave rise to fabulous stories, not the least of which is Jules Verne’s enduring classic novel: Around the World in Eighty Days.

Verne’s character, Phileas Fogg bets that he can circle the globe in 80 days. The bet was for the equivalent of 2.5 million dollars– half Phileas Fogg’s fortune. In his quest to circle the world in eighty days, Phileas sets out for one wild ride: From elephant treks and hot air balloons to a sail powered sled over the snows of Wyoming. 

Like today’s shipping fulfillment, the last mile posed the greatest issue for Fogg. But with the aid of a time zone change, Phileas Fogg arrives just in time to make his bet. Though fictional, Around the World in Eight Days was a tale told ‘round the world, staggering and electrifying audiences with the marvels of modern travel.

Today, shipping logistics outstrips even Jules Verne’s wildest science fiction dreams. Snail cream arrives in Pennsylvania from South Korea in seven days. American families order lobster tails from Boston that were in the harbor that same morning. Wedding halls are bedecked with white roses from Ecuador and live Peruvian butterflies. This is also an era of wonder.

Blue Eagle Logistics is proud to be a part of the magic that makes the global supply chain possible. We bring the wonders of the world to American families’ doorsteps… literally. With our status as Eastern Pennsylvania’s leading provider for top global airfreight forwarders, we make shipping even the most logistically complex or time-sensitive project a fulfilling experience.

And we keep things transparent for our customers: we have invested in state-of-the-art technology that allows us to monitor your shipments. This equips them with online and real-time tracking knowledge.

As we lean into the future– whether that’s a reality with travel that’s powered by fusion technology or more nuanced technology that provides better shipment tracking– we feel very confident that we’ll continue to provide the best customer experience and a premier shipping experience for every load we fulfill.

And we have great hopes that Jules Verne’s words may continue to be realized in last mile logistics: “Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.”