A Plague on Both Your Houses: Getting Shipping Right from HAZMAT To High School Science Projects.

The spread of the Bubonic Plague is still the most devastating event recorded in human history: It decimated seventy percent of the population in some parts of Europe, with death ensuing in less than half a day in some cases. “To the chroniclers of Padua the plague was a devastation more final than Noah’s flood – when God had left some people alive…,’’’ said Rosemary Horrox.” Our most recent experience with a pandemic has renewed a keen public interest in past outbreaks. 

Medieval Europe didn’t know what hit it, which gave rise to some strange superstitions. For instance, drinking coffee was believed to ward off the Plague. But not all such treatments were as benign: Citizens in fear of the deadly disease also downed arsenic and mercury, while others used pieces of snakes topically and sat in sewers to try to cure themselves.

Modern science has debunked these practices (with the exception perhaps of coffee), but some of the inventions from the era carried over: The first HAZMAT suit was invented 500 years ago to combat the Bubonic Plague. Another carry over from the Plague is the word “quarantine.”   To ensure quarantine, there were health passports and countries closed their borders to prevent the spread. That’s a term we’ve become all too familiar with as a culture. 

Even as the country reels from the ongoing fallout from the Corona Virus pandemic, we recognize that there will always be times that HAZMAT experts will be in demand for shipping logistics. While we’ve certainly become more sophisticated in our approach to HAZMAT endorsement then the era of the Bubonic Plague, we take our work just as seriously.

Accordingly, at Blue Eagle we pride ourselves on emphasizing safety– we ensure that our staff has the proper TSA certification and HAZMAT qualifications to fulfill shipments of a potentially hazardous nature. Our staff has the breadth of experience and knowledge base to customize delivery solutions to fit your specific needs for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential delivery services.

Your customers’ needs may not always be as extreme as HAZMAT shipping fulfillment. Whether your customers want to ensure a local inventory of critical parts or make sure that they receive time-sensitive, specialty freight, we have the resources to leverage on their behalf. Part of our success is that we can scale for shipments of any size… from the significant shipping logistics involved in Oversize freight to even that high school science project.

At Blue Eagle we continue to prioritize meeting their requirements in a dependably timely way, while also accounting for the element of safety. Our clients’ trust in us demands nothing less. We recognize how serious your customers’ needs are– whether that’s for medical and pharma, high-value, and more. Whatever the shipment, Blue Eagle has a team that delivers.