While the trucking industry in general is making national headlines for the driver shortage, Blue Eagle is one of the celebrated carriers that are truly taking care of their drivers! 

Every major news outlet in America has its Newsies crying the same headline. From the Wall Street Journal asking, “Where Are All the Truck Drivers? Shortage Adds to Delivery Delays” to the perpetually vaunted Grey Lady, The New York Times, “The Biggest Kink in America’s Supply Chain: Not Enough Truckers.”

But they all agree, trucking is a lucrative career for drivers with companies that take care of them: And Blue Eagle comes to town for their drivers from home time to benefits. As a company culture we have stuffed drivers’ stockings in a way that would make St. Nicholas proud.

“There are best practices out there, but the industry is slow to change.” Ellen Voice, Women in Trucking.

While other carriers are implicated in underpaying and neglecting their drivers, we are proud that Blue Eagle is among those exceptions that have best practices.

We are  a company that meets drivers’ needs. They are small enough to know their drivers on a personal level, while generating enough revenue to offer highly competitive benefits commensurate with the most celebrated eras of trucking. When you have Blue Eagle’s reputation for treating drivers well, there really is no such thing as bad press!

Blue Eagle Logistics is among the exceptional companies that pay drivers well, while offering top-tier benefits, and getting them home to their families every single day!

If you want to be home for Christmas in more than just your dreams, consider driving for Blue Eagle Logistics. Our drivers are home every single night. That’s something that is especially important around the holidays. And the holidays just got brighter with our highly competitive benefits package!

We are proud of the culture we have, and we invite anyone looking to drive for a company that offers prestigious benefits and gets you home to your family every night to apply. Specifically we offer: 

Paid School: Get paid to develop your Leadership skills with Blue Eagle! Furthering your education is another way to achieve financial success and take charge of your career. We want our employees to feel like there are no limits to where they can go with our company– we make the investment in our drivers so that they can meet their goals.

Healthcare: The health struggle is real for drivers. But we take care of our own: So, from preventative health benefits to the enviable company dental plan– we make sure that drivers’ health is a top priority.

Company Culture: We are proud of our family friendly atmosphere. It’s easy to feel like a number with large fleets. That’s just not the case at Blue Eagle. We know our drivers by name, and we are vested in their success!  

401K: We’re with our drivers for the long haul. We recruit top talent, and we want our employees to roll confidently into their future, which means helping them build toward their retirement goals.

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