We haven’t harnessed the power of eight tiny reindeer, but we have worked hard to harness the power of adaptive technology and leveraged our regionally strategic positioning to promote sustainability.

If Santa’s making a list and he’s checking it twice, are Last Mile Logistics teams naughty or nice?

It turns out that the answer to that question matters to consumers. “According to IBM’s 2020 report, nearly 60% of consumers reported they were willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact. In addition, more than 70% said they would pay a premium for sustainable and environmentally responsible brands.”

Blue Eagle is regionally strategic for organizations to partner with to meet their shipping needs.

This year, supply chain challenges may be making it difficult for Santa to come to town, but Last-Mile Logistics support teams are coming through for consumers by doubling down on sortation centers that are centrally located for customers. And we believe that at the best time of the year, we want to get in the spirit of being green, while operating efficiently and strategically so that our clients never have to worry about staying in the black.

Apart from the issues involved in the well-covered supply chain crisis, Last Mile Logistics fulfillment is facing the tide of rising consumer demands for companies to adopt eco-friendly approaches, while customers’ expectations on delivery time continue to elevate. 

It can feel like a Catch-22 for some fulfillment centers, but at Blue Eagle we’ve achieved both: We welcome the challenge of sustainable practices and meeting the evolving needs of our clients!

Blue Eagle’s prime positioning to serve Philadelphia’s urban hubs is especially strategic in achieving both sustainable and quick delivery times. 

“The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 83% of the U.S. population lives in urban areas, so locating sortation centers nearer to the end customers makes sense. Plus, it results in faster delivery times with less mileage covered (and therefore less gas).”

We capitalize on our fundamental advantages to ensure that our fulfillment centers are raising the bar on the Last Mile Logistics Ecosystem. Blue Eagle’s commitment to sustainability, is both environmentally and economically responsible behavior. And most importantly, it fulfills our commitments to our clients’ to ensure that their shipping logistics needs are met.

Blue Eagle meets sustainability benchmarks and efficient cost-cutting strategies, while adopting a rapid-tech approach to fulfillment.

We know that customers’ expectations are higher than ever, and we’re working hard to meet the demands of a peak shipping season that’s arriving earlier than ever before, while offering new challenges. We already have strategies in place to ensure that clients’ needs are met: We are vested with tech-forward shipment tracking, we are deeply adaptable to the rapidly changing field of logistics shipping needs, and we are involved in every aspect of fulfillment.

Blue Eagle is proud of the contributions we’re making to both fulfill our clients’ needs, while making sustainable choices that positively impact their bottom lines and the environment positively.