Sauerkraut might just save your life.

That is if you’re ever on an extended voyage with little access to fresh food. Early explorers didn’t understand what a Vitamin C deficiency was, but the brilliant British Sea Captain and Adventurer James Cook knew that his men’s teeth were falling out. 

He kept his sailors on a steady diet of sauerkraut and lemons on long voyages– some as far as Australia. Perhaps the discovery of kangaroos and the Great Barrier Reef took the bad taste out of their mouth. Because of this strange diet, his sailors were able to smile when they dubbed Captain Cook, “the best explorer of all time.”

Last mile logistics has definitely changed since early explorers ranging from Vasco De Gama to David Livingstone opened up new global routes of trade and transportation. Today, our fears of Scurvy, angry Sultans, and sunken ships are extremely minimal.

But today’s captains of the shipping industry face new open waters and uncharted territory: the technology spike in logistics, correlates directly with rising consumer expectations. And this year’s holiday may be the most daunting expedition yet.

Peak season. It’s coming earlier than ever. That translates into mountains to climb that would daunt the most intrepid captain of logistics.

“Snow in August” is usually just a saying. But the weather and dialogue around Last Mile Logistics started to shift early in the Fall: The industry faces a front of labor shortages, clogged ports, and supply chain issues culminating in a blizzard of issues to quell the heart of Henry Hudson.

But Blue Eagle is here; ready to conquer the heights of peak season, with our intrepid team of drivers and logistics specialists. We’ve invested in team members and technology to weather any stress storms.

Explorer Henry Hudson was famously marooned on the ice after his crew mutinied over the challenges of facing a brutal Canadian winter. What few people know is that early Vikings preceded Hudson’s explorations… and they had a great time doing it. They likened Canada’s winter to an early spring. Sailing down from the icy Nordic fjords must have given them perspective.

Perspective is important, but at Blue Eagle we also believe in strategy. Hudson’s men were found with silk pocket handkerchiefs and hoarded luxury goods. Our team is Viking-ready for any winter storms facing the Last Mile Logistics field.

We have the capacity to scale up or down according to our clients’ needs; we work to custom-tailor a plan to conquer each shipment. Although we aren’t navigating the challenges of the Great Barrier Reef, we take routing and fulfillment just as seriously. 

Like the explorers of old, we know that part of achieving success means that we must anticipate that things will be continuously shifting. Accordingly, we are prepared to meet the tidal shifts of changing capacity demands, 

“According to a survey by Digital Commerce 360, 93% of consumers want to stay informed throughout the delivery process and 47% will not order again from a brand with poor delivery visibility. In comparison, 98% said delivery is a crucial part of their brand loyalty.”

Whatever the storms of shipping logistics we face, Blue Eagle maintains clear communication with clients and customers. We value their loyalty and work hard to sustain it with top technology and service.

The shifting current of challenges that are reshaping Last Mile Logistics may feel like a lemon, but at Blue Eagle nothing sours our adaptive-strategic approach. We are sailing into the headwinds of shipping with our smile in place. 

No sauerkraut necessary.