The average driver wants a company big enough to offer stability and impressive benefits like retirement, paid schooling, and great healthcare. But they also want a job with a warm company culture that prioritizes giving to those in need. Drivers that work for Blue Eagle can have it all. 

Plus, drivers that work here are in the enviable position of being home with their families every single day.

The company is big enough that it is a proven, stable business that offers excellent benefits, while maintaining sincere, personal interest in the wellbeing of its employees. 

Retirement: Check out Three golden numbers that can pave your way to better Golden Years! Blue Eagle recognizes and prioritizes the long term wellbeing of our employees. That even extends to after they retire. 

  • Experts say 15% is the target annual percentage to sock away to retire. 
  • Blue Eagle gives drivers 3% of that to a 401K… whether or not they ever contribute a dime. 
  • That means drivers breathe easier knowing 20% of their annual retirement savings needs are met.

Why get silver hair planning for your Golden Years?

Paid School: Get paid to develop your Leadership skills with Blue Eagle! Furthering your education is another way to achieve financial success and take charge of your career.

  • Leadership
  • Logistics
  • Lift truck operation
  • CDL licensing programs

Let Blue Eagle help you build a better future with paid education.

Healthcare: Blue Eagle knows that driver health is a top concern in the industry. So, from preventative health benefit perks to the enviable company dental plan– drivers’ health is a priority.

  • Prevention is the key to long term health so Blue Eagle pays for their drivers’ annual physicals as part of our health care plan.
  • Plus our drivers get access to the area’s leading hospitals
    • Lehigh Valley Health Network
    • St. Luke’s Hospital Network.  

Blue Eagle’s healthcare gives its employees the best of both solid health and salary.

 Company Culture: Blue Eagle is proud of its authentically family friendly atmosphere. 

  • Drivers work in a small business environment, where everyone knows their name.  
  • They have the opportunity to have a relationship with everyone in the company– from other drivers and the dock floor workers, to the operations team and the president.  
  • Blue Eagle emphasizes and prizes their small, intimate working atmosphere,

Drivers work where people know each other deeper than someone “who is just another person I work with.” 

 Humanitarian: It’s valuable and fulfilling to be part of a company that sincerely cares about its community. Blue Eagle models that as an active supporter of Habitat for Humanity and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Values: As part of our core business model we practice values that include teamwork, customer service, communication, safety and integrity. We use these principles as ethical guidelines that help us get the job done and done well every time.

Looking deeper at Blue EagleBlue Eagle provides same-day and next-day expedited freight and warehousing services, including time critical shipments, last mile, and custom appointment deliveries. Our drivers serve New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and all points along the Northeast Corridor from our locations in Allentown and Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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