City planning mistakes can be downright comical, but whatever the logistical issues: Blue Eagle Logistics has the experience, equipment, and resources to get the job done on time every time.

Would you jump on the back of a motorcycle with a stranger? 

If you lived in Jakarta, you might not have any choice. The city of Jakarta has the worst traffic in the world. It’s citizens spend 400 hours a year, every single year stuck in traffic, which gives this Indonesian city the reputation (and formidable reality) as the very worst traffic on the planet. 

That means they spend 2.5 months of their life stuck in traffic. And one of the only ways to get around or get anything delivered is through motorcycle taxis. They have become so prevalent, so necessary that they deliver things ranging from take-out to masseuses.

City planning is a headache the world over, with each population and culture presenting a different set of problems to contend with. But Blue Eagle has made a culture out of adapting to challenges and facilitating shipping fulfillment logistics that are smooth and timely:

Increasingly, Last Mile Logistics is gaining weight as an issue that city planners have to adjust to the growing demands, expectations, and needs of residents. 

At home, in the U.S. we face some of the same challenges; the average American will spend two years of their lives waiting just at stoplights. That translates into millions of dollars in time and delayed goods.

And although we don’t face the same level of congestion as Jakarta, our own East Coast competes on the world stage for challenging city planning, with truck drivers naming it as one of the toughest places to navigate in the United States. 

Blue Eagle recognizes the challenges that drivers face: Many roads on the East Coast were originally laid out for their convenience as cow paths, and because the country’s commerce moved at a slower pace, city planners weren’t engaged with modern considerations for shipping speed or pedestrian traffic. The world has certainly rapidly changed. 

For instance, as life has modernized in our Pennsylvania home-state, city planning issues like parking congestion compete with green space needs, historical preservation projects grapple against urban-economic development initiatives.

In the midst of these competing needs are the logistics behind creating an intuitive flow for everyday citizens and the goods and essentials that they need delivered.

Logistical challenges and adaptations will always be a reality, but Blue Eagle has the equipment and resources to get the job done. From hot shot freight to dry van, we’re well equipped for the unique needs of the Eastern Pennsylvania districts that we serve.

Even when shipping logistics get tight, we are route delivery experts, and we work round the clock to get shipments fulfilled smoothly. And whatever the project, our clients know we deliver on time, with custom handling that prevents downtime and serves the orders that require rapid turnaround. 

Customized Freight Services include: Courier, Dangerous Goods, Distributions, Express, Door-to-Door, High-Value, Large/Oversize, Medical and Pharma, Projects, Residential, and Specialty.

Luckily, Blue Eagle doesn’t need to employ motorcycles to get goods delivered. And however Pennsylvania continues to develop, we are confident that we will continue to meet our clients’ needs seamlessly.