“We are customer service first. We are customer service second. We are customer service third.” Blue Eagle has a history of attracting the best people to our state, and we are proud to have the very top talent serving our customers.

He was the tenth son of a candlemaker, a teenage runaway, and he only had two years of formal schooling. But he was also arguably one of the greatest Americans to ever live.

Benjamin Franklin. Founding father of the United States. Emissary to a newborn nation. Celebrated inventor. Acclaimed author. Founded the first Fire Station. Abolitionist. The list goes on and on.

But it wasn’t until he fled as a teenager to his adopted home of Pennsylvania that he made his success. Franklin went on to lead the Constitutional Convention out of Philadelphia, along with the rest of the Founding Fathers, where they began the Great Experiment: The United States of America.

The results of that experiment has yielded the nation that saved Europe from starvation after World War II, the most prosperous and generous citizens that have ever lived in the history of humanity, and the greatest technological advancements to ever grace and support humankind.

And to this day Pennsylvania continues the tradition of attracting great people to our state. And we are very proud at Blue Eagle of our investment in the people that make up our team. Our people are highly trained. We see them as much of a necessary and beneficial investment as any brick and mortar or tech investment could be. 

At Blue Eagle we have built our teams with a customer service mentality, and we have also incorporated a focus on getting the right skill sets so that our customers’ needs are met every time.

Customers that partner with us know that when we give our word… it gets done. We also try to anticipate the needs of our clients– even before they ask, when possible. Because we are truly invested in our clients’ success we take time to ask questions that will ensure that their order is fulfilled, and that we use our background of experience to field issues that may not even have occurred to our customers.  

For example, our seasoned team gets background information from our clients and then we take the time to equip them with exactly what they will need: we pay attention to even the smallest details that make a shipment go smoothly.

Other other companies sometimes rush orders in a way that hinders them from foreseeing potential issues and can ultimately cause multiple-day-delays for their customers. But for Blue Eagle a client’s needs precede simply “getting something off our desk.”

We like to say at Blue Eagle that, “ We move the freight that is important in people’s lives.” Sometimes the freight that matters is the medical equipment for a pharmacy to care for a newborn baby that’s fallen ill. And sometime the freight that matters is coordinating a large scale shipment of critical parts to keep a local manufacturer’s production line operating.

Whatever our clients’ needs we scale to meet them.

So, we’ve chosen team members that have the skills to get things done, while possessing the attitude of always furthering our “Customer First” mentality.

We know that whatever the project, our clients’ freight is moving with purpose and we need to move with purpose as well in all that we do. 

At Blue Eagle we know that doing shipping logistics right means that we unite talented people with the skills to handle projects the right way: we have hired experts in specialized freight like Hazmat, and we can scale from a grand-scale, airbus shipment to goods needed for a high school project. 

We believe as a company that when we make a commitment to a client it is utterly essential that their needs are met. We strive to make the process so effortless that after our customers entrust with a project they can move on to the rest of their day.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Better done, than said.”