Blue Eagle Logistics leans into the complexities that are inherent in Shipping Logistics: We embrace the latest in tech, while engaging the best talent so that our model is both adaptive and effective, whatever our clients’ needs.

Chaos theory had a moment in the 1990’s: It was the mathematical theory that every planetary event is logically dominoed by a series of preceding, connected events. This gave rise to principles like the “Butterfly Effect” the mathematical supposition that a butterfly flapping its wings in Pennsylvania could set off an impossibly complex Rube Goldberg chain of events that would ultimately result in Tsunamis in Japan.

There is something comforting about thinking of physics as a symbiotic, rhythmic chain, whatever the resulting waves in Tokyo. But Chaos theory also asserts that most of this math is so complex that it is irretrievably impossible to link and predict causation to result in a predictive manner. In other words, connecting a butterfly flapping its wings in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania to the weather over a sushi bar under Fukushima is mathematical music far beyond the auditory range of scientists.

In fact, weather is among the most common examples of Chaos Theory: Mathematical Rhythm written on scores we can’t read.

BUT the latest modern mathematical fad is Synchronicity: The idea that yes, there is math that is beyond us, but much of the planet functions in spontaneous order nonetheless. Scientists point to the inexplicable, coordinated thrumming of lightning bugs and the murmurations of bird migrations.

Human beings are among the highest representative levels of both syncratic and chaotic patterns. And seldom do the two merge and diverge more complexly than in the field of economics. Shipping logistics in particular represents a symbiosis of global chains and cultural influences of dazzling mathematical reverberations.

Shipping Logistics is an intricate vein work of individual choice and international channels.

For reference, the BBC says that a dress designed by the popular Zara designer travels from Austria to Egypt, then China to Spain, then Morocco and back up to Spain for European distribution. It’s unbelievable how well traveled that article of clothing is.

Magnify that trip by the 87 billion parcels that are shipped every single year. The math behind the world of Shipping Logistics is a singular ecosystem embodying Synchronicity… it is a world unto itself.

At Blue Eagle, we work to embrace the syncratic, the symbiotic elements of shipping logistics. Our embrace of the most modern in shipping tech gives us an advantage over other shippers: And we take a predictive approach to understanding trends in the shipping industry.

We aren’t just prepared today with the best tools, we are following the predictive math for tomorrow’s shipping world. And whatever the inherent complexity at Blue Eagle we’re proud of our team’s ability to adapt.

Whatever the winds and waves of butterflies wings, we at Blue Eagle are ready for the next phase of the marvelously syncratic world of mapping the math of Shipping Logistics.