Blue Eagle Logistics offers cutting edge tech tools and tailored customer care offerings to clients seeking Last Mile Logistics services. From expedited shipments with a ticking clock, Blue Eagle gets it done– but intriguingly, our company is carrying on a tradition of trade with a fascinating history that reaches back thousands of years to the first global supply chain: The Silk Road.

Fostered in a nest of naval giants, explorers, and adventurers, Blue Eagle Logistics carries on the tradition of the Silk Road. We follow in the wake of Marco Polo: Where the supply chain once sailed by the Ships of the Desert, Blue Eagle connects the Leigh Valley and Northeastern Pennsylvania world with  supply chain logistics efficiency and technology that could never have been conceived of by those delivering by dromedary.

Saffron and silver. Ivory and Incense. The Silk Road was the great pilgrimage of trade, routing from China to Italy, it commodified the transport of luxuries and culture. 

Camels wading on waves of sand, and ships sailing by starlight, drew the East to the West– connecting their worlds with a vast river of trade that spanned 5,000 miles. Merchants bridged the earth by both land and sea with a journey that took two years to travel.

The journey was initiated by camel, crossing the brutal sand dunes of China, and it was continued by ship across the stormy, irritable Mediterranean all the way to Europe.

Britannica recounts that, The Silk Road, “followed the Great Wall of China to the northwest, bypassed the Takla Makan Desert, climbed the Pamirs (mountains), crossed Afghanistan, and went on to the Levant; from there the merchandise was shipped across the Mediterranean Sea. Few persons traveled the entire route, and goods were handled in a staggered progression by middlemen.”

“The wonders of the East,” became a saying as far as England, but today we experience greater goods and luxuries than ever before, transported at speeds that would have been impossible to have conceived of by the bartering nomads that threaded the long tendrils of the Silk Road.

Today, Last Mile Logistics has changed: Instead of camels bearing cargo, today’s traders have cargo bearing ships and in place of the open air market bazaar, there is air freight that opens the world up to fresh, in-demand produce. 

And the logistics of trade has become no less complicated, today. Nevertheless, with the wondrous modern transformations of Last Mile Logistics, Blue Eagle has adapted to operate with client-tailored focus and make client deliveries smooth as silk. 

For instance, while the Silk Road took two years to cover, Blue Eagle performs same day and next day expedited freight and warehousing services. And where Marco Polo sailed under starlight, Blue Eagle’s customers can rely on time critical shipments and enjoy the most progressive tools in tech software and delivery analytics. 

Progress also means a curated client experience: Dedicated staff at Blue Eagle get Last Mile shipments fulfilled and offer client services tailored to their needs, including custom appointment deliveries. 

Blue Eagle continues to be part of the intricate supply chain that sails on. And whatever the next revolution in trade, we will be ready to make sure it’s a silky transition.