“For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.” – Eleanor Everet

Blue Eagle’s early embrace of transportation related tech and safety measures means that it is ready for serious highway capacity infrastructure investment to match spending on smarter highways. 

Safety expert, Eleanor Everet emphasized that more than any passing tech gadget, crafting a culture of safety is the ultimate means of successfully achieving a safe workplace environment. 

Similarly, Blue Eagle has long emphasized safety as an exceptional priority for its drivers. That emphasis is paying dividends for both drivers and clients in the present. A strong safety culture is its own testament– companies that practice a safe business culture enjoy higher retention and better return for clients. 

Intriguingly, safety is a top 10 priority for both drivers and carriers according to the American Trucking Association (ATA), with the issue ranking in the top 5 overall for the industry.  

The united concern of both drivers and carriers is definitely getting the attention of legislators in Washington and gaining legal traction. It’s exciting to see the significant concerns of drivers getting real attention on the floors of Congress:

Although there are some legal provisions that represent physical assets like rebuilding roads– suggestive discussions of “smarter roads,” for example have been discussed. However, primarily, the new legislation focuses on safety-tech implementation. 

Lobbyists believe that spending could be more than a trillion dollars on these implementations and could be truly revolutionary for the industry: They are calling it the year of “Roadside Digitization,” for its wave of safety measure aimed at making the industry safer through upping roadside-safety measures.

If these measures pass, they are anticipated to be implemented over the course of the next decade. These laws are seen as a boon — that has long been aware of the need for measures that protect the transportation industry with their emphasis on preventing roadside crashes, deaths, and injury, according to FreightWaves.

They report that, “Roadway digitization… is taking the knowledge and insight about road configurations that exist in analogue (drawing designs on paper, for example) form or the actual built environment and “unleashing it” through mobility-related software, ” Freightwaves states.

By making early investments into tech-related safety Blue Eagle supports the way the transportation industry, with cutting edge technology that is riding the crest of safety and infrastructure improvements. But a safety based culture has also paved the way for stronger safety standards that protect both drivers and clients.

With a nod to Eleanor Everet for her emphasis on safety, Blue Eagle knows that every investment in safety technology is a step toward a stronger workplace culture.