“Do what you love, and the money will follow.”

Michael Beckmann


Twenty years ago, my mentor and good friend, Michael Beckmann told me to do what I love. That if I did, the money would follow. I took this good counsel to heart, and it’s been a great help to me as I’ve navigated changes and taken on new challenges in my professional life. For me, a fulfilling career is centered in being open to continual learning, great experiences, and interesting and energetic people.

This advice is all over BE 2.0 (Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0): Turning Your Business into an Enduring Great Company, an updated edition of Jim Collins’ and Bill Lazier’s much-read, classic Beyond Entrepreneurship (originally published in 1995). This new edition includes the original chapters along with four new chapters highlighting 15 new essays that explore everything Collins has learned in the intervening years.

I’m still reading, but I would like to share some of the key concepts we apply here at Blue Eagle Logistics. Always forward-thinking, our goal is to be successful for both the folks we work with and the customers we serve.


What makes a company great?

We understand that people are the key to a successful company. Collins wants us to remember the full potential of the human experience, that people are wired for challenges and creativity, that people long to make a difference. If we want to build a successful company, we must provide people with a clear path and the opportunity to experience all three.

The truth is, if your team is made up of people looking for a “job,” then those people looking for a challenge, for a broader and richer career experience, will eventually leave. Great people want to be stretched.

Collins asserts that the kind of people who make a company great are the kind of people who are not in it solely for the money. In fact, money alone will not be enough to keep these talented folks because they also want purpose. 

When you work for or with Blue Eagle Logistics, this is what you experience–a team of experienced professionals dedicated to moving the goods that are important to people’s lives. The events of the last year and the ongoing upheaval in the logistics sector have taught us just how important the transportation industry is. We simply cannot keep America moving without a committed transportation workforce.


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I highly recommend Jim Collins’ BE 2.0 if you’re interested in learning what makes a company great. And remember, reading is a great way to learn about everything from what makes people tick to what makes great companies tick. As this informative article on Inc. points out, “reading doesn’t just cram information into your brain; it changes how your brain works.”

So grab a book, and don’t forget, here at Blue Eagle Logistics, we are committed to being the company best able to meet the unique needs of both our customers and our team.