Safety and Supply Chain Priority During COVID-19


Here at Blue Eagle Logistics, we reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic quickly and with a series of initiatives to keep customer supply chains moving. Our priorities include keeping safe and healthy both our team members and the customers we see on a daily basis.


COVID-19 Escalation Expected


As summer turns to fall, most experts predict the escalation of COVID-19 infection rates. Jeanne Marrazzo, director of the infectious diseases division of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, explains, “we could see a perfect storm of accelerated COVID-19 activity as people gather more inside in particular, as they become increasingly fatigued with mask wearing, social distancing and the hand hygiene.” If this occurs in conjunction with a flu outbreak our health care and public health systems could be stressed beyond their limits. 

Since 2010, the flu has killed between 12,000 and 61,000 people a year and hospitalized up to 810,000 in a single year. Interestingly, social distancing along with hand washing and mask wearing seemed to put a stop to the flu in the spring of 2020. While experts aren’t sure what will happen, it’s important that citizens and the transportation companies they depend on to remain vigilant as cooler temperatures force us inside and uncertainty ticks up with a new flu season beginning.


Blue Eagle Logistics continuing response to COVID-19 and the expected Fall Peak Season.


  • As COVID-19 continues to be a major health, economic, and supply chain concern, we take preparation and continued action very seriously. As the government prepares a vaccine to combat COVID-19, we can expect the effective distribution of the vaccine to be a massive global logistics project–perhaps the largest ever seen.


  • To that end, essential businesses must, now more than ever, sustain their procedures to operate safely in this unknown environment.


  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)–hand sanitizers, wipes, cleaning supplies, gloves, masks–must be maintained and readily accessible to team members.


  • Sanitation practices should continue. The regular cleaning of equipment, truck cabs, desks, and other workspaces is paramount to a successful negotiation of an uptick in cases.


  • Signature-at-a-distance policies minimize the contact between delivery specialists, shippers, and consignees and thus confer much needed protection.


  • Remote work capabilities will be utilized to protect and isolate key employees in order to maintain service while social distancing.


You can count on Blue Eagle Logistics


Freight forwarders, shippers, carriers, freight brokers, and all those in need of last-mile services can count on Blue Eagle Logistics. Our response to the pandemic has been straightforward and consistent. We are determined and dedicated to keeping your supply chain moving. We provide same-day and next-day expedited freight and warehousing services, including time critical shipments, last mile, and custom appointment deliveries.

You need a provider you can count on during these unprecedented times. Schedule a call with Blue Eagle Logistics today. We won’t let you down.