Do You Need Cross Docking Services?


How many times have you had a shipment refused due to poor packaging or improper load securement? It’s not uncommon in final mile delivery, is it? But it’s a real hassle, and when you need a load reworked, Blue Eagle Logistics can help. Our warehousing and cross docking services ensure that your loads are reworked so they can be delivered on-time, safely, and in good condition.


Rework and cross docking services help complete the final mile.


  • Rework services can mitigate disruption caused by unsecured loads by restacking, repackaging and rewrapping freight for acceptance by a consignee.
  • Rework services can also stage freight for delivery in order to accommodate changes in driver schedules or appointment requirements.
  • In addition, rework services help sort, segregate, and relabel freight when the products are cross-labeled or shipped incorrectly at origin.


Reworking and Best Practices


Major players in the distribution industry have begun refusing to unload collapsed or damaged pallets. At the same time, demand for best practices in shipping continues to escalate as a strategy to promote safety and reduce claims. With Blue Eagle’s cross docking and reworking solutions, you can avoid paying financial penalties to suppliers who do not comply with on-time delivery standards. Reworking is a quick solution when freight conditions demand a quick fix.


Blue Eagle Logistics Cross Docking and Reworking Services


Blue Eagle’s Allentown and Scranton warehouse locations can help you bridge the gap when you need to restack, rework, repackage, or stage freight for delivery. And if necessary, we can move your freight to its final destination economically, saving you time and money. Challenging locations aren’t a problem for the experienced professionals at Blue Eagle Logistics. We have you covered with our fleet of 53’dry vans, straight trucks, and cargo vans.

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