Last Mile Pharma


The transportation and delivery of pharmaceuticals involves complex maneuvering all along the supply chain. Pharmaceuticals are a high-value freight requiring strict temperature control, advanced warehousing, increased visibility, and coordination between all partners. The last mile in the pharma supply chain is critical to ensure the viability of the product.

Handling specialized high-value cargo requires high-end, trained, professional drivers and dispatchers to carefully complete the shipment for tendering at airlines.


Best Practices for Last Mile Pharma


The team at Blue Eagle Logistics is experienced in first and last-mile pharmaceutical delivery. We work with air forwarders, pharmaceutical manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors. In order to make sure your high-value pharmaceuticals are delivered safely, efficiently, and cost effectively, we’ve created a list of best practices. 


  • In pharmaceutical delivery, we take a failsafe approach. There is simply no room for error when handling high-value pharmaceuticals which also may have strict temperature controls to maintain throughout the supply chain.


  • Both driver and dispatcher must be trained in order to pay attention to every detail.


  • Drivers carefully confirm key reference numbers are documented and special handling requirements verified.  Care is taken to create a log of temperature control settings, battery levels, and actual temperatures throughout the journey remain in spec.


  • Dispatchers proactively monitor movements throughout the process to identify delays, bottlenecks, and risks to cargo to ensure cargo is delivered on-time, securely, and safely. Any delays or route deviations must be identified, reported, and addressed rapidly.


  • Security is of utmost importance. To that end, loads are sealed and locked, and the vehicle is attended at all times going directly from freight recovery to airport drop.  Redundant monitoring devices are used to provide location services for the driver’s cellphone, vehicle location, and asset tagging technology.


  • When necessary, escorts are an added security option.


For Last and First Mile Pharma, Call Blue Eagle Logistics


Here at Blue Eagle Logistics, we understand the importance of best practices in pharmaceutical first and last mile delivery. Proper handling and shipping of pharmaceuticals is not only time-critical, but also a life safety issue requiring the highest standards of freight handling care. Our drivers and dispatchers are highly trained professionals who understand both the complexity and importance of high standards. If you would like to know more about our pharmaceutical first and last mile delivery services, please schedule a call today.