The Amazon Effect and Final Mile Delivery


According to Forbes’ Insights, the rise of the “Amazon” effect is changing distribution patterns. “In particular, customer demands for ever more rapid fulfillment are forcing businesses of all kinds to warehouse their goods ever closer to intermediate and end-customers.” This continues to disrupt final mile delivery and the technology we utilize to ensure customer satisfaction. 

The final mile industry is ripe for the abundance of technology systems that already exist; however, we must shake out and consolidate the myriad systems in order to create a uniform landscape essential to boosting efficiencies.

Here at Blue Eagle Logistics, there is rarely a day (or hour) that I do not receive email solicitations touting the latest dispatch system, the best routing software, the most efficient Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), or the most advanced customer contact managers.

It’s an exciting time in the industry. It’s impossible to list the number of technology suppliers bringing great products and even better ideas to the final mile table. Here’s the rub: while the industry is besieged with demands to adapt technology, we need support on both the “how” and “why” to use the best technology.


New Technology in Final Mile Delivery


As we enter this ever-changing technological landscape, it’s important to remember that adoption and training are the biggest immediate obstacles to extracting full value from these systems.

At the same time, these systems must be integratable, and this continues to be a hurdle. But without the ability to integrate, no system can provide the necessary user friendliness and simplicity forwarders, carriers, and shippers require.

In order for adoption and training to occur in a beneficial manner, user acceptance of new tools is a must. It’s the quickest and simplest path forward to gain the time efficiencies and cost reductions these new advanced systems are designed to provide.

Here at Blue Eagle Logistics, we are lucky to work with Crown Data Systems. They recognize the difficulties and have dedicated staff to educate the industry on how best to maximize the value of these important tracking and communication tools. This puts Blue Eagle Logistics ahead of the learning curve, and that’s where we intend to stay.


Looking ahead


Blue Eagle Logistics is committed to being at the forefront of final mile technology. To that end, we will work to ensure technology is both adaptable and integratable while helping us provide the best delivery methods for our customers.