Yellow Phase


Eastern Pennsylvania will enter the Yellow Phase on June 5, Governor Tom Wolf explained during a press conference on May 22.


April: Low Spot for Logistics Industry


April was a bad month for the freight market. According to the latest Cass Freight Index, “freight shipments fell nearly 23% year over year in April to ‘recessionary levels.’”  Low volume in April meant low spot rates, and many experts speculate that April will mark the bottom as freight volumes begin to recover and manufacturers begin to adapt safety procedures and return to work. 




We fully expect capacity to tighten in the near future as major freight recovery hubs and terminals are experiencing delays. These delays indicate increased freight volumes along with inadequate staffing due to the continuation of the pandemic.


Pennsylvania Opening Up: Red, Yellow, and Green Phases


So what does June 5th’s Yellow Phase mean for Blue Eagle Logistics’ customers, air freight forwarders, freight brokers, truckload and LTL carriers?

Pennsylvania has been opening under a three phase process with the red phase being the most restrictive, followed by yellow and then green. The yellow phase eases some of the most onerous restrictions, reopening many businesses and child care facilities while encouraging telework when possible. 

Throughout the pandemic, Blue Eagle Logistics, operating as an essential business in the state of Pennsylvania, has worked diligently to follow all safety protocols, providing best practices and safe services for our customers while ensuring the continued health of our workforce.

Forecasting the shape of the recovery is nearly impossible, but with preparation and advanced training, the team at Blue Eagle is positioned to continue serving the customers who depend on the exceptional expedited and last-mile delivery, warehousing and cross-docking services we provide.


Blue Eagle Logistics


From the beginning of the pandemic, we have embraced enhanced safety measures for social distancing, hand washing, temperature screening, and personal protective equipment. In addition Blue Eagle quickly implemented distancing signing for packages. 

With Eastern Pennsylvania entering the Yellow Phase no later than June 5, Blue Eagle Logistics is ready and committed to providing the customer service, reliable delivery, and safety measures you value in a rapidly changing world.