Complete Inquiry for Final Mile Customers


Customers these days expect excellent service. They want their freight picked up and delivered without drama, on time, and in pristine condition. And they should! But too often, customers are unaware of the steps necessary to make sure this happens. First and Final mile carriers need complete information in order to prepare fully to smoothly execute your pickup or delivery.

If your freight is to move on time and safely according to your requirements, details make all the difference.

Here at Blue Eagle Logistics, we practice complete inquiry with our customers, freight forwarders, and air forwarders who need last mile services. Complete inquiry dramatically improves the potential for cost-effective and on time delivery.


Here’s how to work with Blue Eagle Logistics.


  • First of all, what service do you need or are you expected to provide? Same day and time-definite services will have different requirements and costs than next day or longer delivery time deadlines.


  • When will your freight be ready for pickup, and what are the open and close times at the origin facility?


  • Does the pickup time allow for transit time to make airport cut times?


  • Consult with our team members. We are familiar with most shippers in the Lehigh Valley and Northeastern PA. It’s very likely we have important need-to-know information about particular shippers that will ensure your freight is successfully tendered on time.


  • Finally, does this freight have any special handling or special care needs? For example:
    • Is it hazmat?
    • What are the dimensions and weight–heavy, oversized, or hard-to-handle goods that may need special equipment or additional manpower to move?
    • Does this freight require packing, unpacking, or uncrating?
    • Will cargo be tendered to a loading dock or small business or residence? Will it require a liftgate or a pallet jack? Small business locations, retailers, and residences can have access issues that require extra planning to service or an alternate-size vehicle for a successful delivery.


Final Mile at Blue Eagle Logistics


When you work with Blue Eagle Logistics, you experience the hassle-free pickup and delivery that complete inquiry provides. With the right information beforehand, we can be proactive.  

Our expedited delivery experts ensure smooth operations. We’ll get your shipment on the road within hours, saving you serious downtime and making sure your customers are satisfied. 

If you’re a freight forwarder or an air forwarder who needs excellent first or final mile services in the Lehigh Valley or Northeastern Pennsylvania, give Blue Eagle Logistics a call today.