Supply chain disruption is nothing new. In fact, the logistics industry is uniquely ripe for disruption. Even so, the COVID-19 crisis is creating the need to move freight in new modes, in new geographies, and into unfamiliar territories. At the same time, previous sources of support may be shut down, short-staffed, or undermanned, and therefore unable to successfully provide service as they once did.

Many brokers and forwarders argue that they can handle this crisis in-house without relying on outside support. They prefer to keep control over processes even when they are required to do so remotely and from afar. Here at Blue Eagle, we think this view is shortsighted. We believe that freight agents can provide local, real-time final mile visibility for remotely-based freight forwarders, brokers, and truck carriers.


What is a freight agent?


A freight agent is an independent contractor who helps connect freight brokers, freight forwarders, and shippers with local solutions to haul freight its first or final mile.

Freight agents expedite and route the movement of incoming and outgoing cargo and freight shipments for the airlines, truckload and LTL carriers, as well as, for distribution centers.

Freight agents also take orders from customers and coordinate freight and cargo for pickup or delivery while preparing and examining bills of lading (BOLs) for routing to final destinations.


Freight agents are important now more than ever.


COVID-19 has forced many businesses into remote work while shutting down factories and displacing workers. Freight agents are uniquely equipped to bridge the gap during this difficult time. They frequently have inside information that better services shippers: such as appointment requirements, delivery hours, or contact names that are often unavailable to brokers or forwarders. This information is invaluable all the time, but especially so during times of great disruption. This market needs quality support in areas outside of shippers’, freight forwarders’, and freight brokers’ normal comfort zone. 


Blue Eagle Logistics: A Freight Agent You Can Count On


This is where Blue Eagle Logistics comes in. Considered an essential part of the state and Federal government’s response to COVID-19, Blue Eagle Logistics is acting as a freight agent for the audience in Allentown and Scranton, PA. We’re here to support locally, those companies who can no longer staff their Northeast PA locations due to the impact of the pandemic. We understand the importance of the movement of essential freight, and as a local customer-facing representative, we have the assets and knowledge to make sure your freight makes its first or final mile. Every time.


If you’re interested in learning more about how Blue Eagle Logistics can help you now, please give us a call today.