Here at Blue Eagle Logistics, we know the COVID-19 Pandemic is creating upheaval, distress, and worry. You’re worried about your families, your employees, your products, and your businesses. It’s a lot to take in.

With so much changing, one thing has not and will not change–Blue Eagle Logistics continues to move the freight important to your lives. Our commitment to our customers doesn’t wane during this crisis. In fact, we are determined and dedicated to operate at full capacity.


Blue Eagle is actively working to support the United States government and customer efforts to fight novel coronavirus. 


  • Following directives from the United States Department of Homeland Security, we are providing critical infrastructure support as part of the transportation and logistics industry, supporting essential businesses and government facilities. 
  • In addition, we are complying with orders from the Pennsylvania Governor’s office.
  • Members of our team have completed education covering CDC guidelines.
  • Moving to remote work where possible, we continue to operate from our facilities in Allentown and Scranton, PA, servicing the Lehigh Valley and Northeastern PA with airport service to PHL and JFK.


For customers in need of assistance, please know we are here to support you with:


  • Movement of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals for airport service by our TSA CCFS trained driving team.
  • Expedited shipment of critical parts to keep essential businesses operating.
  • Local and regional delivery service of goods for essential businesses such as pharmacies and overloaded distribution centers in Eastern Pennsylvania.
  • Crossdocking and warehousing of freight due to overflows or closed DC facilities.


We understand the importance of good communication, coordination, and collaboration during difficult times. Please give us a call to find out how we can support you now.