What is a complete inquiry?


Here at Blue Logistics, we practice complete inquiry with our customers–freight forwarders, air forwarders, and folks who need or work in the last-mile industry.


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Complete inquiry ensures no stone is left uncovered.


Simply put, we put a premium on upfront communication because we understand that accurate and complete information on the front end dramatically improves the potential for cost-effective and on-time delivery.


Here’s how we do it!


  • We get to know you and your freight and identify the key factors in a pickup or delivery. This ensures we provide better service and keep our rates competitive.
  • Fully informed, we pay attention to details, we provide the correct equipment (dollies, padding, CDL vs. Cargo van, liftgate, etc) for your particular freight.
  • Knowledge is power in scheduling. At Blue Eagle, we do the work upfront to know open/close times, required appointments and reference numbers and/or barcodes necessary to streamline delivery processes.
  • And when extra help is needed, we’re on it.


Without a complete inquiry customers experience:




Customers who work with Blue Eagle Logistics know that missing or incorrect information–which can include everything from addresses, phone contacts, contact names, and location types to piece counts, weights, service times, and appointment requirements–will cause delays and lead to additional costs or worse complete service failures.

Today’s shippers expect better, faster service, and quick accurate response times. With Blue Eagle Logistics and our insistence on a complete inquiry you and your customers will get the quality you demand.


To find out what a complete inquiry could look like for you, schedule a call with Blue Eagle Logistics today.