I believe that everyone chooses how to approach life.

If you’re proactive, you focus on preparing. If you’re reactive,

you end up focusing on repairing.― John C. Maxwell





When your house is burning down, you want the best firefighting team around, right? You want those trained men and women who can quickly react to a problem while using specific tools and knowledge to snuff out the fire that threatens to burn the place down.

Every business needs “firefighters.” And here at Blue Eagle Logistics, we have many great firefighters. Team members whose reaction times are impeccable, who get to work on those problems you can’t prepare for– overbooked warehouses, road closures, late arriving freight or unexpected storms–to make sure your supply chain is uninterrupted.


Forest Rangers


But even more importantly, we have a company full of forest rangers. While the firefighter puts out fires, the forest ranger prevents the fire in the first place. The forest ranger trains people to understand and follow processes. The forest ranger creates and follows the standards that lower the risk of a fire breaking out in the first place. Predictable and simple cost-effective responses prevent fires that could turn into  major disasters.  

It’s the difference between being reactive and proactive. Stephen R. Covey writes that “people who end up with the good jobs are the proactive ones who are solutions to problems, not problems themselves, who seize the initiative to do whatever is necessary to get the job done.”


Proactive vs. Reactive


Here at Blue Eagle, we work hard to be a proactive partner. It’s good for our customers and our team members. Being proactive prevents problems, reduces costs, and increases customer satisfaction. Being proactive means we take the initiative to make things happen. We prefer making things happen to waiting for things to happen because we don’t like situations to dictate what we do.

When we’re proactive, we can focus on great customer service. We can pay attention to the smallest details because shipments are handled without drama. This increases our service performance and reduces our cost to serve.


We love firefighters. After all, you can’t plan for everything. But here at Blue Eagle Logistics, we pride ourselves on being forest rangers at heart. When you partner with us, you enjoy a streamlined, cost-effective supply chain because we take a proactive approach. Every day.