Economic Boom in Pennsylvania


The Lehigh Valley (LV) is experiencing an economic boom. In a recent chamber article, Dr. Kamran Afshar, the LV’s chief economist, explains that 2018 payroll employment grew at a rate of 1.9 percent, higher than the national level of 1.8 percent. Dr. Afshar examines several factors, but points to the transportation and warehousing sector as being an explosive force. It’s nearly impossible to drive through the Valley without seeing new warehouses right and left. It’s important to note that this explosion in the warehousing segment of transportation is not the national norm. In fact, “this sector is expanding in the Valley at more than 5 times that of the national average.”

2018 was a record year in a five-year growth spurt for the Lehigh Valley according to folks attending the recent Lehigh Valley Chamber’s 2019 Commercial Real Estate Outlook event.  Here at Blue Eagle Logistics, we have seen the growth and look forward to harnessing the powerful economic opportunities. Right now, the Lehigh Valley is recognized as one of the Top 5 regions of its size in the nation for economic development.  


Expansion in Warehousing


Mega-shippers have built an extensive infrastructure consisting of distribution centers able to handle huge trailer pools on a daily basis.  Government and transportation planners need to come to grips with supporting this unique economic opportunity by launching plans to expand highway capacity utilizing existing resources to support this growth.

In this climate of growth and possibility, more and more Pennsylvania manufacturers, shippers, freight forwarders, and brokers need warehousing solutions tailored to keep small shipments moving on-time and damage-free.


Solutions for Small Shipments


Blue Eagle Logistics provides these same necessary services for less than trailer load shipments. Are you a freight forwarder who needs short term storage to recover and hold freight locally in NE Pennsylvania or the Lehigh Valley in order to consolidate for an outbound shipment to a final destination? Are you having a hard time finding warehouse services for a few pallets or LTL quantities?


We Have Solutions 


We understand that explosive growth in the warehousing sector is geared to mega-shippers involving multiple truckload quantities. That’s why we focus on something different. Our team specializes in providing secure storage and accurate inventory counts for small shipments, and we also offer exceptional last mile delivery services.


If the expanding warehouse market isn’t meeting your needs, give us a call at Blue Eagle Logistics. Our number one priority is to meet your warehousing and last-mile delivery needs.